Awake & Alive: Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat Mar 30-April 3rd


Registration is open for Awake and Alive- Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat-  a mindfulness retreat for people living with cancer. This retreat is for anyone who has ever had a cancer diagnosis whos  interested in learning tools to alleviate stress,  improve health and increase resilience. Healing takes place  at all levels  – physical,  emotional,  psychological and spiritual – and the retreat offers everyone an opportunity to explore their unique healing journey with cancer.  Small group- only 10 participants.   

 The author of the NY Times bestseller  Radical Remission wrote: “ Surprisingly, only two of the nine most frequent factors of Radical Remission are physical; the rest are emotional or spiritual in nature. When I first started this research, I fully expected the most common things people would report doing for their healing to be physical in nature, such as changing their diets, taking supplements, exercising, having coffee enemas. So no one was more surprised than I was when I kept hearing, in interview after interview, so much about mental, emotional, and spiritual healing factors. "   

Balanced program of healing modalities including mindfulness and stress reduction practices;  daily Qigong;  small group sharing and expressive arts. Delicious, organic meals, as well as time for personal exploration and deep rejuvenation in the beautiful, tranquil environment of Whidbey Institute's protected old-growth forests and trails.                                                                                                                                      

Participants have found it a powerful, transformative experience.   Here are a few of their comments and a short video from one participant:

  • This retreat really helps one deal with the pain and uncertainty of living with cancer. Helps one live a “healed” life, regardless of diagnosis and prognosis.—Betsy D.
  •  I highly recommend this program; I found a different relationship with cancer and tools to find my own healing within me  – Wendy H.
  • This is my first time in a group with other people living with cancer-it has been so healing. I feel heard and understood at such a deep level– Robin B.

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